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Cyber security has never been more important than it is today. Hackers are increasingly clever and target businesses of all sizes in any sector.And as we use technology to increasing amounts of information the risks are ever-growing.And that’s without adding the General Data Protection Regulation (commonly known as GDPR) into the mix.

MFP an printer networks don’t come to the front of mind when we think about cybersecurity. But as systems become increasingly sophisticated, they may also become vulnerable.How do you protect your business network from cyberattack?

User identification

It may sound obvious – but in order to maintain the network security of your photocopier and printer, access should only be given access to networked devices and printers. Modern systems enable this via user admin and authorization systems.Through identification and authorization – individuals may be recognised and given various access levels according to their role or function within the business.Because these are unique identifiers, you are able to see how each individual has accessed the network and bar those without authority to enter it at all.

Securing the network

Your network will only be as secure as the weakest link.Using sensible set up and configuration, your IT administrators (or network provider) an ensure that these are at optimum safety. They may limit access to the network to specific IP addresses, disable any unused ports and ensure that your security levels are set at the highest levels.

Protecting your data

Ensure that your data is encrypted (that’s translated into another form and only those with a specific key can unlock the data into a readable form).It’s also very important to ensure that your data is properly deleted by ensuring that your data overwrite function is property set up.You’d be surprised how many hackers access ‘deleted’ files! Files may appear deleted on the surface, but often sit in a memory bank.Data overwrite will ensure that all copies are found and deleted.

Secure printing

Users can be given codes so that when they send confidential documents to a printer, the document is only actually printed when a key codeor PIN is entered at the point of printing. This ensures that the document ends up only in the right hands.

Remote monitoring and control

It is possible to give IT administrators remote control and monitoring capabilities. This means that whether on-site or not, administrators have access to systems should they have become compromised, or simply to monitor activity and ensure that they don’t become compromised.

Choosing the right supplier!

Indeed! The right supplier will ensure that they system you choose is appropriate for your needs, and that it is set up to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.In the first instance, talk to our team on 0330 221 9131.We’d love to help!




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