Skywell Water Generator and how it works

One of our favourite Sharp products at Clarity Copiers Glamorgan currently is the new smart atmospheric water generator. Why do we love it so much?

Because the Skywell 5TE is ahead of the game! Rather than spending heaps of money on bottled water for you staff or using conventional plumbing, the Skywell 5TE delivers clean and pure water to your office. But that’s not the best part...Skywell’s water source is simply the ambient air in your office.

Yes, that’s right, it takes the air around us and turns it into water. This is done through a series of condensation, filtration and purification processes.

But, how does it create safe clean water? Well, Skywell comes equipped with a built-in monitoring system that frequently checks the quality of the water being produced, so you’re guaranteed to have high quality and fresh water, every time. The magic happens all thanks to the air filtration. This system works by using a series of electrostatic air filters, which takes all the particles in the air and removes them before the water condenses on the coil. Any remaining particles left will be removed through finer strainers.

For the next stage of the process, the water is filtered through a Granular Activated Carbon Filter, this is simply a carbon block filter. Finally, the Ultra-fine Filter filters the water down and creates a comprehensive barrier against viruses and bacteria.

Once the filtering stage has been carried out, the water is then exposed to Ultraviolet Light Disinfection. This stage exposes the water to a patented UV light which will then disinfection the water. As an additional layer of water quality protection ozone is introduced into the top tank. A final filtration Stage is then carried out to the pre-dispense lines using a 0.2 micron “Ultra Fine” Filter in the cold line and a 200 mesh filter in the hot line just before dispensing, this ensures that the purest and cleanest water reaches the glass each and every time.

Encourage your staff to stay healthy and hydrated today!

If you’d like to find out more about this fantastic product visit our dedicated website at www.sharpskywell.com, or alternatively CALL US NOW on 0330 221 9131 or email us at glamorgan@clarity-copiers.co.uk


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